’88-’89 Topps Patrick Roy

This is a card I have had in my collection for quite some time.  And it’s only one of two cards I have from this set.  I don’t have many cards that came out before 1990.  But the ones that I do, are pretty cool.

I remember where I got this card from as well.  I got this card when I was about 15(’94-’95).  There was a card store(that shall remain nameless), that was a short ride from my house, that I would frequent from time to time.  The guy who ran the place was quite shady.  It seemed like most packs you would buy had none of the top players, rookies(good ones anyway), or any inserts in them.  Well, we found out, and basically had proof, that the store owner, was opening the packs, taking the good cards, and then re-sealing the packs with mostly commons!

This did not sit well with me, and I decided to get a little revenge.  He had a buch of dime, quarter, and $1.00+ boxes of singles in the shop.  I loaded up a small box with a bunch of different cards.  Most of them were 10-25 cents, but I threw a few of the higher priced cards in the mix as well.  When I went to pay, I made it seem like all the cards I got were in the 10-25 cent range, and paid the total.  This was on of the cards I put in there.  It’s not worth a whole lot, but I felt that it was warranted because of his shady practices.  I wouldn’t do something like that today(I was 15 at the time!), and I’m not proud of it.  But I will always have that memory, which is kind of cool, since memories are part of the hobby.  Right?


Thank You DFG!

Today’s card was obtained in a group break that The Real DFG held last month.  It was the first group break that I have ever participated in and it was a lot of fun as well.  The group break was also among the reasons that I started this here blog.

You can’t go wrong with Mark Messier!  This from Pacific’s 2002-2003 – Quest for the Cup set.  Here, in New York, he’s know as “The Captain”.  According to many(myself included), Messier is one of the greatest leaders ever to be in the NHL, or professional sports for that matter.  This has to be my favorite that I received in the break, as I don’t have much star power when it comes to GU cards.  Thanks again DFG!

Favorites – 2001 Topps Stars : Adam Graves

What we have tonight, reflects my favorite player, as well as a favorite card.

In my opinion, the only thing that would make this cooler, is if I pulled it from a pack myself.  Truth be told, I haven’t actually persued collecting cards in the last 8-10 years.  I still like the hobby, and have my cards from when I was a kid, but I don’t buy anywhere near as much.  Occasionally, I’ll buy a pack or two, maybe even a blaster.

Adam Graves is my all-time favorite player.  He was an integral part of the team that won the Cup in ’94.  This is the only GU card I have of Graves, and only one of a handful of GU in my collection.  It ran me arounf 4 bucks on Ebay(including shipping), so I’m pretty happy with it.  It’s stuff like this that keeps me collectiong.

An Introduction

Hello all.  My name is Jason and when it comes to collecting trading cards, I am a fan of hockey and non-sports cards(as if you couldn’t tell from the name of my blog).  I’ve been a fan of trading cards since I was about 8 years old(1987).  It all started with my step brother giving my younger brother and I a binder full of Mets and Yankees cards in it.  Soon after my older brother gave my younger brother and I a few binders of other baseball cards.  I collected baseball cards for a short time, and started collectiong hockey cards around 1990(I wasn’t a big fan of baseball).  It’s a given that I was also buying my fair share of non-sports cards as well.  It seems as if Topps had trading cards for every major property in the 80’s and early nineties.

These days, I’m an occasional collector.  I still have a lot of the hockey cards I had when I was a kid, and every now and then, I’ll end up getting a few packs, sometimes a box.  But I should have plenty to share here.

And here’s the perfect card to kick things off!  😉

This is a 1993 Looney Tunes Hare-OS card.  This card was traded between my younger brother and I many times.  But then we made up a rule that he would have to trade me any Wayne Gretzky card that he got, and I would have to trade him every Mario Lemieux card that I got(I still think that was pretty fair).  We were wierd, I tell ya!