An Introduction

Hello all.  My name is Jason and when it comes to collecting trading cards, I am a fan of hockey and non-sports cards(as if you couldn’t tell from the name of my blog).  I’ve been a fan of trading cards since I was about 8 years old(1987).  It all started with my step brother giving my younger brother and I a binder full of Mets and Yankees cards in it.  Soon after my older brother gave my younger brother and I a few binders of other baseball cards.  I collected baseball cards for a short time, and started collectiong hockey cards around 1990(I wasn’t a big fan of baseball).  It’s a given that I was also buying my fair share of non-sports cards as well.  It seems as if Topps had trading cards for every major property in the 80’s and early nineties.

These days, I’m an occasional collector.  I still have a lot of the hockey cards I had when I was a kid, and every now and then, I’ll end up getting a few packs, sometimes a box.  But I should have plenty to share here.

And here’s the perfect card to kick things off!  😉

This is a 1993 Looney Tunes Hare-OS card.  This card was traded between my younger brother and I many times.  But then we made up a rule that he would have to trade me any Wayne Gretzky card that he got, and I would have to trade him every Mario Lemieux card that I got(I still think that was pretty fair).  We were wierd, I tell ya!