Progress on an Insert Set That I Decided to Collect

A little while back I posted an insert card from 93-94 Score hockey.  It was a card that I had wanted since I found out about it’s existance when the set was intitially released.  As a Rangers fan, a card with Adam Graves and Mark Messier on it, is a double win in my book.  After I got that card, I decided to see what other cards were in the set.  There are some really great tandems, and others that are okay.  There are no more than 10 listed at any given time on Ebay, so I will usually bid on every one offered.  The top 2 in the set, value wise, are the Kings(Gretzky and Kurri, I believe), and the Penguins(Lemieux and Stevens I think?).  I’ve been outbid on the Kings and the Nordiques(Sakic and Sundin).  The Oilers one(Arnott and Corson) I ended up winning, got lost in the mail(I got a refund).  But here are three that I did win, all at fairly good prices.

1993-94 Score Dynamic Duo Nieuwendyk-Roberts DD4 (front)

1993-94 Score Dynamic Duo Nieuwendyk-Roberts DD4 (back)

I was never a fan of either Nieuwendyk or Roberts, but there’s no denying that they were both excellent players.  You’ll also notice that there is a maple leaf in the top left corner on each side of the card.  This(as well as the dual-language on the card), indicates that this is from the Canadian release.  I’m pretty sure there were nine cards for both the Canadian and American releases, and both sets had different teams.

1993-94 Score Dynamic Duo Janney-Hull DD4 (front)

1993-94 Score Dynamic Duo Janney-Hull DD4 (back)

Of course Hull and Janney were a great tandem, although “Hull and Oates” were better(but Oates was with Boston by the time this set was conceptualized).  And I’m sure you notice the star in the upper left corner, and the absence of any French language.  This denotes that this is from the American release.

1993-94 Score Dynamic Duo Yzerman-Fedorov DD9 (front)

1993-94 Score Dynamic Duo Yzerman-Fedorov DD9 (back)

This last one is my favorite of the three here.  I have always been a fan of Fedorov and Yzerman.  As a matter of fact, I have the binders from when I first started collecting, and Fedorov is one of the players I have the most cards of(most are junk wax, but hey, that’s what was available at the time).

It’s my goal(no pun intended), to collect all the cards from this set(Canadian and American).  I have one more that recently arrived(but wasn’t here when this post was first drafted), that we’ll see later.

If anyone reading this has any of these cards, I am more than happy to work out a trade.  I believe they fall at 1-2 per box, so they’re not exactly easy to come by.


1993-94 Score Dynamic Duo Messier/Graves

This is the second of 3 Ebay card purchases made last week.  It is also a card that has waited a long time to make it into my collection.

This is an insert set that, for some reason, instantly piqued my interest.  Two star players on one card is probably what did it.  Finding out that there was a Rangers card in the set, and that it featured Messier and Graves, made it a must have.  But this was a card that I had never seen in person, and over time, it was pushed to the back of my mind.

1993-94 Score Dynamic Duo Mark Messier-Adam Graves DD5(front)

The foil was not out of hand yet, so it adds to the card, rather than kill it.  Dynamic Duo is also the nickname for Batman & Robin, but I refuse to think that either one of these two could ever be Robin.  🙂

Now that I finally have this one in hand, I’ve decided that this is a set that I would like to complete.  I believe that there are 10 cards in this set, but there are only about 3 current listings.  If anybody has any of these, I would be interested to buy or trade for them.  Just leave a comment.

1993-94 Score Dynamic Duo Mark Messier-Adam Graves DD5(back)

One down, nine to go!