’88-’89 Topps Patrick Roy

This is a card I have had in my collection for quite some time.  And it’s only one of two cards I have from this set.  I don’t have many cards that came out before 1990.  But the ones that I do, are pretty cool.

I remember where I got this card from as well.  I got this card when I was about 15(’94-’95).  There was a card store(that shall remain nameless), that was a short ride from my house, that I would frequent from time to time.  The guy who ran the place was quite shady.  It seemed like most packs you would buy had none of the top players, rookies(good ones anyway), or any inserts in them.  Well, we found out, and basically had proof, that the store owner, was opening the packs, taking the good cards, and then re-sealing the packs with mostly commons!

This did not sit well with me, and I decided to get a little revenge.  He had a buch of dime, quarter, and $1.00+ boxes of singles in the shop.  I loaded up a small box with a bunch of different cards.  Most of them were 10-25 cents, but I threw a few of the higher priced cards in the mix as well.  When I went to pay, I made it seem like all the cards I got were in the 10-25 cent range, and paid the total.  This was on of the cards I put in there.  It’s not worth a whole lot, but I felt that it was warranted because of his shady practices.  I wouldn’t do something like that today(I was 15 at the time!), and I’m not proud of it.  But I will always have that memory, which is kind of cool, since memories are part of the hobby.  Right?


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