My First ’79-’80 Topps Hockey Cards

I was able to get these, courtesy of Listia.  I only used the free credits they give you when you sign up, so these are free cards!

I don’t know much about this set, as I was born in 1979.  About the only thing I can tell you, is that Wayne Gretzky’s rookie card is in this set.  But I do have to say that I really dig the design of these.

First up is Ed Johnstone.   I have no idea who Ed Johnstone is, but he’s a Ranger, so it’s a win for me.  But I have never liked the jersey with the Rangers shield on it.

78-80 Topps Hockey Ed Johnstone(front)

While I have been a Rangers fan for 20+ years, I couldn’t tell you anything about Mr. Johnstone here.  But thanks to the card backs, I can give you one interesting tidbit.  Check it out!

79-80 Topps Hockey Ed Johnstone(back)

And secondly we have someone who I have heard of.  He’s actually a pretty good player.

79-80 Topps Hockey Bill Smith

It’s a small difference, but I’ve always heard him referred to as Billy Smith.  As you know, Billy here was part of the 4 Islander Stanley Cup teams from 80-84.  I don’t recall him in his playing days, but I do remember my dad talking about him, as well as others players in the dynasty(my dad was a big Islanders fan).

79-80 Topps Hockey Bill Smith(back)

The condition of both the cards aren’t great, but they were free, and they’re are from a pretty nice set.  Smith’s obviously the better, and the more well known player.  But, he gets shown second because he’s an Islander.  And you know the Rangers – Islanders rivalry.