Pack Rip – 1991 Topps Stadium Club Hockey

These aren’t anything special, but I wanted to rip a pack tonight, and this was the only sealed pack I had on me at the time.

When these came out, they had one thing going for them.  And that was the Kodak “Imaging Technology”.  The technology used for these cards basically made these cards photo-quality.  I had started collecting hockey cards about 2 years earlier, and at the time these were released, I would buy packs of any new hockey cards when I would see them.  And I bought plenty of packs of these!

This is a card that was in every pack of these cards, and I’ve always thought it was pretty funny.

By todays standards, these seem really dull.  Dave Andreychuck is the star of this group.  Tim Kerr wasn’t too shabby either.  When I was a kid John Ogrodnick was a favorite of mine, just because I thought it was fun to say his name(it still is!).

On the back of the cards, we see the Topps rookie card of the palyer depicted on the card.  This is a neat concept, especially for kids who were younger.  Like myself at the time.  As they are today, rookie cards of the stars were always popular, so this was helpful.

And I’ll end this psot with my favorite 3 cards of the pack.

Mats Sundin is onviously the best card in the pack, but that’s not the reason why he’s one of my favorites from the pack.  It’s for the Nordiques jersey.  The same goes for the other 2 cards.  I am still a fan of the old-school teams and jerseys, from the 80’s and 90’s.  Seeing these old jerseys takes me back.


83-84 O-Pee-Chee Mark Messier

This is one of my oldest cards.  It is actually my oldest card of of one of the all-time greats of the game.  I do have a few older ones, but they aren’t top shelf names, and they aren’t in as good condition either.

I bought this card at a small card show that was in a mall, about 10 years ago.  This mall is located about 35 minutes from wher I live, but I had bought it ther before I actually moved up here.  I know it’s not a highly valuable, but this was the case it was sold to me in.  The seller offered it to me for $5, and I accepted.  I wasn’t sure of the value, but I thought an early 80s Mark Messier was worth at least 5 dollars.  And that’s about what it’s worth.  I still like it though.  And it’s one of y favorites of the cards in my collection.