Two Pack Break -2012-13 Upper Deck Artifacts & Score Hockey

Yesterday, I found myself at Target with a few dollars to spend.  I couldn’t find much to spark my interest, but there was a decent selection of hockey cards at the front of the store, so I figured I grab a couple of packs.

I went with 2 different packs, at two different price points.

First up is a pack of 2012-13 Score.  I have already busted a few packs of this product here, but it’s pretty easy to buy 1 pack when they’re only 99 cents.

2012-13 Score Hockey Cards(pack)

I didn’t pull anything too exciting, but I got my 99 cent’s worth.

2012-13 Score Hockey Pack Break

7 cards per pack, with every pack containing a gold parallel.  I think the “Hot Rookies” are inserted in every other pack.  This is the third HR I’ve pulled out of 3 packs that I’ve bought.  So maybe they’re inserted in every pack, I dunno.  Not a bad looking set, but nothing we haven’t seen already.

2012-13 Upper Deck Artifacts Hockey cards(pack)

I decided that the second pack I would get would be of a higher quality.  And Upper Deck products are usually a very good quality.

I’ve purchased packs of Artifacts in the past, and I think it’s a consistently a nice looking release.  This cost $2.99 a pack, and you get 5 cards per pack.

2012-13 Upper Deck Hockey Pack Break

The Bobby Orr is a first for me, as I don’t have many older hockey cards(and the ones that I do, aren’t of Orr’s caliber).  Patrick Kane isn’t too shabby, and even though I hate the Devils, Kovalchuk can be amazing to watch.  I don’t actively pursue any of his cards, but I’ll put his cards aside, if I pull them.

I actually wish that I would’ve bought another pack or 2 of these, that’s how much I like these.  Not bad for $4 spent.


Double Pack Rip – 2012-13 Score Hockey

Might as well strike while the iron is hot!

I was finishing up my Christmas shopping in Albany yesterday.  As is the usual case when I’m in Albany, I found myself at Target.  Out of the big box stores, Target is my favorite.  Not only do they have the best selection of toys, they also have a pretty decent selection of trading cards as well.

Which brings us to today’s post.

Just as you’d suspect, there’s a lot less of a selection compared to the other “major 4 sports”.  It’s almost a miracle we have any hockey cards at all, with this b.s. lockout that’s been plaguing us.

2012-13 Score Hockey Packs

But were here to talk about cards.

At 99 cents a pack, these were by far, the least expensive option.  I knew what I was in for, having bought a blaster of last year’s offering.  They are reminiscent of the 1990 set, just glossier, with a better color scheme.

2012-13 Score Hockey Pack #1

Unlike last time, I scanned them from left to right, in the order that they were pulled.  I like the Stanley Cup Champions logo on the Willie Mitchell card.  It something small, but it makes a otherwise common card a lot cooler.  I also got a “Season Highlight” card of Luke Adam.  Who, before I pulled this card, have never heard of.  I also got a “Hot Rookie” J.T. Brown, whose “Young Guns” card I pulled in my last pack rip.  Rounding out the pack, is a “Goldrush” parallel of Cody Eakin.  I believe the “Goldrush” cards are inserted at 1 per pack.

2012-13 Score Hockey Pack #2

With the second pack, it was more of the same.  No real star power, or inserts.  I don’t think the “Hot Rookies” are in every pack, so that’s a plus(if they are in every pack, I take that back).  It’s Jordan Nolan, who I have not heard of.  But who knows, he may turn out to be awesome.  The “Goldrush” parallel is of Erik Gudbranson.

Update : From what I’ve read, the “Hot Rookies” odds are 1:2

I can’t say anything bad about these.  They call back to one of the first sets I started collecting, and at 99cents, I think they’re a great value.  It’s nice to see that kids aren’t priced out of every set.  😉