This is a First for My Collection

Don’t take the title of this post to mean that this is going to be something groundbreaking.  It’ll actually be pretty anti-climactic for most of you.  But what you are about to see, is the first of 3 different things in my hockey card collection.

I do not own many autographs or Game Used memorabilia cards, but that’s because I don’t bust a lot of pack/boxes, and I’m pretty particular when it comes to purchasing them on the secondary market.  But I’ve come to realize that if you have too narrow a window, you’re not going to find a lot that is interesting.

So I figured why not see what is else is out there.  I always see some really nice cards on the blogs on my blogroll, and the ones that I anonymously visit on a pretty regular basis, and I wanted in on that action!

So, a few weeks ago I decided to do a little perusing on Ebay(where else?!).  I found a nice looking card that had a pretty low bid, and a shipping cost that I was happy with.

And this is what I won.

2010-11 Crown Royale-Heirs to the Throne-Paul Statsny-14 of 50

This is a 2010-11 Crown Royale : Heirs to the Throne – Paul Statsny.  I’m not a Paul Statsny collector, but remember, I widened my collecting focus, to add collection depth, as well as add another enjoyable aspect to my collecting.

2010-11 Crown Royale-Heirs to the Throne-Paul Stastny-14 of 50 (back)

First, you see that it’s a nice 2 color piece, with a stitch running through it.  I’m not sure what part of the jersey this is from, but the blue portion is thicker than the white(almost like a patch, but I don’t have anything to compare it to).  This is the first GU card that I have that sports 2 colors.

Secondly, you see that it is serial numbered.  I have a few serial numbered base cards in my collection, but they numbered way higher than 50!  So not only is it my lowest serial numbered card, it’s now my lowest serial numbered GU card(my onl other Serial numbered GU card is out of 650).

And lastly, this is my first semi-high-end-looking GU card.

There is a lot that I like about this card, and it’s a nice addition to the collection.


1993-94 Score Dynamic Duo Messier/Graves

This is the second of 3 Ebay card purchases made last week.  It is also a card that has waited a long time to make it into my collection.

This is an insert set that, for some reason, instantly piqued my interest.  Two star players on one card is probably what did it.  Finding out that there was a Rangers card in the set, and that it featured Messier and Graves, made it a must have.  But this was a card that I had never seen in person, and over time, it was pushed to the back of my mind.

1993-94 Score Dynamic Duo Mark Messier-Adam Graves DD5(front)

The foil was not out of hand yet, so it adds to the card, rather than kill it.  Dynamic Duo is also the nickname for Batman & Robin, but I refuse to think that either one of these two could ever be Robin.  🙂

Now that I finally have this one in hand, I’ve decided that this is a set that I would like to complete.  I believe that there are 10 cards in this set, but there are only about 3 current listings.  If anybody has any of these, I would be interested to buy or trade for them.  Just leave a comment.

1993-94 Score Dynamic Duo Mark Messier-Adam Graves DD5(back)

One down, nine to go!

97-98 Be a Player Autograph – Adam Graves

This is a card that I’ve wanted in my collection for a long time.  I remember seeing his name on the list of autographs in the set, and I immediately wanted it.  Every pack contained an autographed card, and at the time, was a pretty big deal in the hobby.  I’m not sure of the price of the of the packs when they were released, but I never did buy a pack(and don’t recall seeing them in shops more than a couple times).

It’s a pretty good feeling to finally have knocked this one off the list.

97-97 Be a Player Adam Graves Autograph

As my favorite player, I figure $5.85 wasn’t too bad to add Graves’ autograph to the PC.  Now that I have his auto, and I have a GU card, I need to find an autographed GU card.

97-98 Be a Player Adam Graves Autograph(back)

This was the first of 3 card purchases I made on Ebay this past weekend.  The others should be here in the next few days(I hope).

Two Pack Break -2012-13 Upper Deck Artifacts & Score Hockey

Yesterday, I found myself at Target with a few dollars to spend.  I couldn’t find much to spark my interest, but there was a decent selection of hockey cards at the front of the store, so I figured I grab a couple of packs.

I went with 2 different packs, at two different price points.

First up is a pack of 2012-13 Score.  I have already busted a few packs of this product here, but it’s pretty easy to buy 1 pack when they’re only 99 cents.

2012-13 Score Hockey Cards(pack)

I didn’t pull anything too exciting, but I got my 99 cent’s worth.

2012-13 Score Hockey Pack Break

7 cards per pack, with every pack containing a gold parallel.  I think the “Hot Rookies” are inserted in every other pack.  This is the third HR I’ve pulled out of 3 packs that I’ve bought.  So maybe they’re inserted in every pack, I dunno.  Not a bad looking set, but nothing we haven’t seen already.

2012-13 Upper Deck Artifacts Hockey cards(pack)

I decided that the second pack I would get would be of a higher quality.  And Upper Deck products are usually a very good quality.

I’ve purchased packs of Artifacts in the past, and I think it’s a consistently a nice looking release.  This cost $2.99 a pack, and you get 5 cards per pack.

2012-13 Upper Deck Hockey Pack Break

The Bobby Orr is a first for me, as I don’t have many older hockey cards(and the ones that I do, aren’t of Orr’s caliber).  Patrick Kane isn’t too shabby, and even though I hate the Devils, Kovalchuk can be amazing to watch.  I don’t actively pursue any of his cards, but I’ll put his cards aside, if I pull them.

I actually wish that I would’ve bought another pack or 2 of these, that’s how much I like these.  Not bad for $4 spent.